Face To Face

Class Is Open With Instant Lifetime Access!

This course is jam packed with creative awesomeness!

I take you through a series of fun exercises and projects all designed to help you develop your personal style, confidence and observation.

Suitable for all levels of experience - even if you have never drawn a face before in your life!

Learn to be bold and to LOVE your portraits, develop your approach and lose the 'I can't do that!' self-doubt, because, believe me, you CAN!

We will create a library of funky drawings, then I show you how to select a few to develop further...and then take them further again, step by step, until you end up with your own personal series of hand cut, quirky, expressive designs to print from.

I will show you to create beautiful, dramatic prints from these and we will build them into some awesome creative projects that will leave you buzzing with more ideas!

How long is the course?

Course length is up to you...Like all of my courses, Face to Face is self-paced, with lifetime access.

You can take things at your own speed and watch as many times as you like.

As a LOOSE guide, assuming a lesson is completed weekly, it will take you around 6 or 7 weeks to complete the course, but there is a lot of content to take in, so please, use the lessons in the way that suits you best.

Personally, I am a binge-watcher and then I go back and re-watch more slowly when I'm ready to begin creating, but we all create at a different pace, and new techniques will take longer to grasp.

Art does not follow time constraints.

I encourage you to do what works for you!

Come join us!

Classroom open now with lifetime access!